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Urban Directions does it again!

August 11, 2009 1 comment


I received another acceptance into a national exhibition for my image, Urban Directions, this weekend.

Each acceptance into these BPE accredited exhibitions count towards recognition in the ability to produce photographs of great quality. After recieving 25 acceptances i will be awarded the BPE* designation – so still some way to go but i’m definitley off the mark.

There were over 1400 entries into the same category, out of which only a certain percentage can be accepted so i am pretty pleased with this result.

The actual exhibition will take place Saturday, 12th September, 2009 at the Washbrook Village Hall, Suffolk, IP8 3JD, starting at 2.30p.m The Village hall is on the old A12 opposite the Elizabeth Hotel at Washbrook apparently.

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Solihull BPE Exhibition

May 15, 2009 3 comments

I am happy to announce that ‘Urban Directions’ was accepeted into Solihull’s Exhibition of British Photography 2009 and will be displayed at The Old Schoolhouse, Churchbridge, Oldbury, West Midlands, England, UK at 5.15pm on 13th June 2009.


This is the 2nd time this image has been accpeted in a BPE accredited exhibition this year. To read more about how I created it, please visit my website here.