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Club Photography

April 12, 2012 Leave a comment


2008 was important year for my photography. After a while of ’meaning to’, I finally took the plunge and decided to go along to a local camera club/photography Society and see what they were all about. I must admit I had no idea of what to expect although I had heard about club competitions from a friend, who is a member of a club in Winchester, and the idea of winning trophies appealed to me very much.


I tried a couple of clubs before I found the one for me. The first one i attended was the closest to my home. It was held in a small back room in a local library. A nice enough membership but not very big and i am sure i brought the average age of the people in the room down by about 40 years!


I did meet another prospective new member there though that had already done the research on some other local clubs and was planning on attending another the following night. We swapped deets and met at the next club.


Now this was more like it. Over 50 members, (not all members were over 50 either) and we were greeted with a warm and friendly welcome. Where do i sign?


I did! I signed up that day and the following season i became a member of the committee, and remain so to date.


Since joining a club i have viewed photography in a different way. Before, my aim with each shot was to get everything in sharp, all in focus, no noise etc etc.. Most of my concentration was on the technical side of the shot. Nothing wrong with this but it didn’t have any creativity.


I have seen a wide variety of work from club members as well as work from other club photographers in the region. I have been inspired by so many different people and made quite a few friends along the way, not to mention the skills i have developed too.


I now look more towards the compositional and story-telling side of my shot before clicking the shutter. This has given me a new direction. I think more about project work, trips out to shoot various vistas…just having fun with my camera. I certainly use my camera a lot more. Before joining my photography was about going out and finding something (normally an object) to shoot. Now it is about going out and using my camera, using the light (complaining about the light) and getting out with other photographers.


If i were to pick out my favourite element to being a member of a photographic society it would be the competitions. With this comes the excitement, anticipation of what the judge of the night is going to say (which I can guarantee only the winners on the night will totally agree with what the judge says), and the scores of course! There is always some friendly rivalry throughout the season.


Are you a member of a camera club? If not, i highly recommend you seek one out and attend one of their open evenings to find out all about club photography. I warn you now though… It is addictive!





Newest Committee Member!

April 24, 2009 Leave a comment

I have been accepted as a new member of the committee for my Photographic Society.

After joining the club in September 2008, I have met some great people and learned a lot. My photography has changed slightly (for the better) and I am definatly more critical of my own work than ever.

I have a lot to be thankful for and it will be great to have the chance to give something back next season.

Here’s to 2009/10 season – starting in September 2009. 😀

With the current camera club season nearly over, I am already thinking of what kinds of images to aim to shoot for entering into next season’s competitions. There are a lot of natural history/nature shooters in the club and as such, a special section for these photographers has been created for the next season. I may try and compete with these guys as well as continue to enter stuff for the general section. Although, I am not going to specialise too much at this stage because I find thats how things become stale too easily and I get bored.

As summer approaches, I am sure more day trips will be organised! 😀