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The 5am Fisherman

March 26, 2009 1 comment


This photograph was rewarded 19/20 in my camera club’s annual portrait print competition last night amongst some fierce competition!

‘The 5am Fisherman’ – History: –

Out on a trip to Heswall, on the Wirral, photographing the stranded boats in the estuary, I met a lovely chap named Colin who happened to be a member if the local camera club. This guy lived nearby and told me he comes out every morning to try and capture that ‘perfect shot’ of the estuary. He had such a classic face that I feel is brilliant for a portrait, lots of texture. So I thought it rude not to ask.

Colin kindly agreed to show us around the local area for the rest of that morning, introducing us to Perch Rock Lighthouse as well as some other great locations which i may return to for future shoots.

I wanted to give the image a more interesting name than just the guys actual name so I chose ‘The 5am Fisherman’ because of his wirey white beard and the fact I photographed him next to the boats.

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